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The name ‘Murarrie’ means ‘sticky, muddy earth’, and is derived from the traditional owners of the land, the Yugara Aboriginal people.

K ennard’s Self Storage purchased 3,570 square metres of this sticky, muddy earth on which we are situated, in August 2015, with development of the purpose built facility commencing part way through 2016. Hutchinson Builders were engaged to complete the build, making it ready for opening in July 2017. The Murarrie centre is located in a residential and industrial suburb, 14km south west of the busy Port of Brisbane, 10km south of Brisbane Airport, 8km east of central Brisbane and just 700 metres east of the Gateway Arterial (which provides easy access between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast). We are situated opposite the award winning Metroplex on Gateway mixed use Business Park, which includes News Corporation’s printing facility, where Brisbane’s two newspapers, The Courier-Mail and Sunday Times are published. Also, opening in July, less than 2km east of us, is ‘Rivermakers’, a huge 30 hectares of historic riverfront

The current Team managing the centre are vibrant, passionate and proud of the centre, striving to exceed the expectations of the wonderful customer base which we have. Regular positive customer service reviews help reinforce the dedication we show in our attempts to not only retain current customers, but also gain new ones through referrals. It’s a delight hearing how many visitors and storers are impressed with the presentation of the centre we consistently maintain. The main challenge faced at Murarrie, one which we relish in facing, will be when the next two levels are built, renting the spaces up swiftly to maximise return on investment. However with recent growth as a gauge, demand for unit sizes coming online, future residential and industrial growth in the wider area, Prorize algorithms working their magic in price structure and the current Team continuing to foster stronger connections with its customers, Murarrie will be back to ‘High Performance’ from ‘Expanding’ in no time!

land, which will encompass a Business Park, Homemaker and Trade Centre. This will not only benefit the wider community during business hours and beyond, but will also increase traffic flow massively along Lytton Road, on which we are situated. The Murarrie centre is five levels and currently has 426 units across three of those levels, with occupancy sitting at 90%. There are plans to fit out the remaining two top floors to timely cater for ever growing demand, set to rent at the start of the upcoming financial year. Our highly sought-after drive up units are all 100% occupied, all by commer- cial customers, with our ground floor units predominantly also being occupied by businesses too. Popularity is growing with our parcel pick up and drop off delivery concierge, as is the number of Parcel Point customers, which is a great opportunity to promote our centre for potential future storage customers, or for referring to their friends and family, who might be local.

Kevin Mouatt, Centre Manager & Kate Crisp, Assistant Manager Kennards Self Storage Murarrie

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