eKourier April 2020


VICTORIAN TEAM HUDDLE TOGETHER A few weeks back the Victoria Team Members gathered together at our Flemington centre to enjoy a hearty serving of good food and great company.

This time round Azam Muhammad and Kate Russell from Flemington were in charge of the Huddle and set up a fancy spread of foods from around the world (of Costco). We had assorted Sushi Rolls, Indian Curries, some Greek Salads and for dessert a decadent Black Forest Cake, suffice to say very few of us who attended left feeling hungry. Of course it’s impossible not to have a huddle without a few extracurricular activities, we opted for a dumbed-down version of Beer Pong, leading to some hilarious match results! The VIC Huddle also provided a great opportunity for everyone to come together and discuss various issues. This time round, WRS and their recent merchandise quality and delivery to our Melbourne centres was a hot topic. Everyone shared their experiences and what they have recently encountered which was great timing as WRS was presenting to KSS at the Operations Meeting the following week in Sydney. Being able to have everyone join in the conversation together provided great information and feedback for WRS. It’s always heartening to see Team Members attending these events outside of work, as they are not mandatory. Additionally, these catch up’s are always a great excuse to chat with everyone in the VIC Kennards family, as we tend to usually stay within our own centres and only all come together during training or the Achieve- ment Dinner. We’re looking forward to doing it all again at the next Huddle, where the hosting baton has been passed on to Abbotsford (Langridge)! Kieren Munn Assistant Manager Abbotsford Langridge St & Sally Bloomfield VIC Operations Manager

16 Kennards Kourier April 2020

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