eKourier April 2020



“Mel and Maria absolutely did everything to help us out at Wellington! They are very friendly, flexible and pro-active! I was looking for boxes for example to ship gear overseas and Maria offered me second hand boxes or free because otherwise she had to throw them away. She could also not have said anything and have sold me the boxes they sell. Also we moved from a bigger lockup to a smaller one. Without knowing for sure if we would actually use the smaller lockup, she held the smaller storage for us for a month (because the prices at that time were great). We did end up using the small storage but I confirmed that only after three weeks. I basically hardly write a review but this time I make an exception. I absolutely recommend this storage." Jen "Went to buy boxes today At Coorparoo and I was amazed, They had everything I could have needed for my move. I can return my boxes and get money back when I am finished moving. A win for me and the environment. I will be back when I need to store my house." Brian "Love Kennards storage Palmerston North! They have such friendly staff and great facilities. So easy to add/remove anything from my locker at any time. I will definitely be using them again!" Scotty

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation from Colin Chodos. Colin assists organisations with Strategy, Change Management and People Development. In this session he provoked thinking around satisfied vs loyal customers. We can sometimes get caught in the notion of completing the transaction with a customer and it ends there. Yes, they may be satisfied with the service, but does that make them loyal to our Brand or your centre. This is a great question we all can ask ourselves. What is the differ - ence between a satisfied or a loyal customer? Does satisfaction mean loyalty? We should all be working towards creating loyal customers or as we like to call them “Raving Fans”. Loyal customers are more likely to: Refer business to you. Spruik your centre in a positive manner to their family and friends. Potentially refer people to work for you. Be more understanding when you have made a mistake.

How do I convert a satisfied customer to a loyal customer, I am glad you asked. In line with “Store With People Who Care” here are some examples below: Take time to listen to your customers and understand their needs. Take ownership of an opportunity and solve it for the customer at that particular moment. WOW them with your service from as simple as “good morning” to showing a genuine interest in their story/situation, helps and builds a solid relationship. Nothing is too hard approach to assist. Think of a time you went above and beyond to help out a customer. How did that make them feel? How did it make you feel? Now that event will be shared with the customers family and friends and so on and maybe yours too. I believe we are continually building on our loyal customer base, reading through Google reviews posted, we are really fulfilling our “Store With People Who Care” ethos. Keep up the great work Team.

Tony Vuong General Manager Operations

15 Kennards Kourier April 2020

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