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Quite simply SCOTY is an acronym for Storage Centre Of The Year. The SCOTY system is a company review which enables KSS to obtain a shared understanding of centre performance and the quality our customer’s desire and what we expect. It encourages sharing of good ideas between Teams and to obtain broad Company-wide improvement. WHO IS SCOTY?

and Development Manager with 10% of your net score calculated towards the overall SCOTY result. INTERNAL OPERATION SYSTEMS: (On-Site Systems Review)  This field considers the accuracy and quality of how we operate our software and technology taking into considera- tion financial banking, storage space hire and trailer agreement accuracy of information (especially now directed towards obtaining ID’s with your digital agreements), merchandise and buy-back information received, manual receipts issued, and lock audits. This is measured by analysing the ATLAS events and KEMO listing by your Operations Manager with 35% of your Green Flags against Amber and Red flags achieved as the calculation i.e. % Green Flags are divided by the total number of Flags (Green, Amber, Red) to obtain a percentage. The objective is to encourage positive outcomes. What is SCOTY? In summary, a SCOTY is a culmina- tion and gathering of KSS information in any particular financial year, recognising a centre, it’s Team and their perfor- mances over a range of five expecta - tions. The SCOTY Award is presented at our prestigious Annual Gala Awards Night (Achievement Dinner) which is held in Sydney every twelve months. Overall, Centre’s are awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. Given each year percentage results achieved are very close, there are no specific definition of percentages or boundaries to achieve a certain award level. It is not designed to find fault but to improve the way we operate as a business. It’s about catching our Teams doing things approximately right, not approxi- mately wrong!

T here are five specific processes involved in calculating your centre’s annual SCOTY results: CENTRE PERFORMANCE:  How we look, smell and feel when a customer (existing or potential), supplier, contractor, or courier visits our facilities. It is measured by a SCOTY Presen- tation Review conducted by your Operations Manager with 35% of your centre’s net score calculated towards the overall SCOTY result FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE:  There are nine tools incorporating income and occupancy growth, yields, Google reviews, delinquent manage- ment, merchandise sales, Insurance, other income and for some centre’s a move in feasibility. It is measured by your KPI system with responsibility held at centre level with 10% of your net score calculated towards the overall SCOTY result. ADMINISTRATIVE QUALITY:  Results are effected by EOM reporting, purchase cards, National Accounts set-up procedures, transac- tions not matching banking, KPI deadlines missed, invoices not

approved as per end of month require- ments, payroll attendance (Sick or Annual Leave not recorded), merchan- dise stock movement not entered within 48 hours, incorrect quantity and KOSMO stock numbers not entering by the 1st month, and updates to Security Registers. It is measured by our Finance Adminis- tration Department for accuracy and timeliness of how we apply our systems and reports with 10% of your net score calculated towards the overall SCOTY result. QUITE SIMPLY SCOTY IS AN ACRONYM FOR STORAGE CENTRE OF THE YEAR MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM:  Results are calculated from our on-line, centre visits or web enquiry handling procedures. It is measured through our Phantom Shopping Programme by our Learning ‘

Wayne Birch VIC Operations Manager

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