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Deadline: March 22, 2024 Editor: Sharon Munro Email: sharon@kss.com.au

Front cover and inside cover: Kennards Self Storage Yarrabilba QLD. Photography by Highshots Photography

50 SINCE ‘73

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L to R: Mary Nessek - Accounts Payable Officer, Sam Kennard and Amy Roberts - Accounts Assistant, at the THQ Christmas Party

L ast year proved to be a monumental year for the business. While we enjoyed the milestone of 50 years in self storage, we also grew substantially. It was a very exciting period, with new locations and fresh faces throughout the business. During the year we added nine new locations, growing from 100 locations in 2022 to 109 at the end of 2023. This has come with seven new developments and two acquisitions. The year saw the number of storage units grow by 7.5% (76,684 units to 82,457 units) and we grew 7.9% in the rentable square metres (700,565 M2 to 755,490 M2).

inception 50 years ago, we opened a new location with our Moorebank centre boasting 1,068 spaces and 9,022 rentable square metres, over seven levels. In 2024, our new centre openings will normalise to three to four centres. We will also gain council approval for six new developments to open in 2025. In addition, we have some significant expansions to be completed. development of a new operating system for the business - Hummingbird. This is a herculean effort with many challenges as we develop the product to a level to deploy and ultimately manage the roll-out, integration and change. Though it lacks the outward and physical In addition to growth in 2023, we embarked on the equally exciting

measurements, the success of this project will be a game-changer for the business. A final positive reflection for 2023, was the exceptional Culture Survey result we saw with our OCI. The very constructive result again is extremely pleasing. It is a testament to the approach and attitude across the team. The training, coaching and personal development programs that are provided by those in leadership have also proven very effective. I know there has been high levels of commitment to achieve from all the teams. I am very grateful for the enthusiasm and energy that is apparent throughout the business. Best wishes for 2024. Sam Kennard Chief Executive Officer

In a return to our roots from our

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Ashley Cause Team Support Manager - NSW

Amanda Coaker Assistant Manager - Rosebud Vic

Tell us about your career background: I have spent most of my career in Household Furniture Removals in various roles; customer service, corporate sales, import and export and management. What do you enjoy doing when not at KSS? (Hobbies/ Interests)? I am learning guitar, however it is taking a long time. I love updating old or ugly pieces of furniture into something modern and fresh. What are you reading now? The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter. What are you watching now? All the Lights We Cannot See What favourite foods or restaurant would you recommend? Anything Mexican, Thai or Indian. Where did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up in Frankston, we lived in a court and all the neighbours had children around the same age. I have great memories of always having someone to play with, making cubbies and sleep overs. Still keep in touch with some of them to this day. Favourite hangout people when not at work? I love spending as much time as I can with my family and my partner. Also my friends having a few drinks and lots of laughs. Favourite holiday destination or interesting place you’ve been to? We love camping and try to get away somewhere quite as often as possible, we are planning a big trip with some friends to Cape York soon.

Tell us about your career background: Starting work at 15, I've amassed more than 7 years of experience across multiple retail and hospitality industries. After completing high school, I deferred my university studies to pursue career opportunities in management. I began working as an Assistant Manager at an up-and-coming American fast-food chain, where I was given the opportunity to open two stores and work across three. Seeking to further my career in management, I applied to Kennards in June and also began studying at Tafe NSW digital campus. What do you enjoy doing when not at KSS? (Hobbies/ Interests)? I enjoy listening to music, gardening, spending time with family/friends. What are you reading now? Looking for Alaska by John Green What are you watching now? Greys Anatomy What favourite foods or restaurant would you recommend? The Taste Italian Grill in Campbelltown. Where did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up in Fairfield, a lively suburb located 30km away from Sydney’s CBD. The area is famous for its diverse community, vibrant food scene, and recreational areas. My favourite spot growing up was Fairfield Adventure Park. Favourite hangout people when not at work? My cat Margo! Favourite holiday destination or interesting place you’ve been to? I have been to Barcelona, Spain. I was convinced I was going to move there afterwards.

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10 QUESTIONS... With Jelena Stricevic - Operations Manager NSW

on this earth. Similarly, my grandpar- ents, with their beautiful souls, played a crucial role in my life. They shared profound wisdom from an early age, offering insights into the essence of adulthood. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had such inspira- tional figures in my life, learning from both masculine and feminine energies that have shaped my understanding of the world. Moreover, I've been fortunate to work alongside highly talented and influential leaders who have significantly contrib- uted to my personal and professional growth. Who are the important people/ animals in your life? My family holds paramount importance, with my niece Mila (pictured above middle), nephew Mateja (pictured above right) and my canine companion Jupiter (pictured above left), serving as daily reminders of who I am. Their unconditional love inspires me to shine brightly. Do you have a favourite holiday destination? THE WORLD – I aspire to explore diverse cultures, savour global cuisines, and marvel at human creations. If I had to pick, Spain stands out as my go-to place.

What year did you start at KSS and what did you do before joining Kennards? I started in 2017. Previously I was a Regional State Manager in the retail industry for fashion, fine china, furniture, supermarkets, cosmetics and depart- ments stores. What would you say is the best part of your job? The most rewarding aspect of my role is working with achievement-driven teams characterised by passion, honesty, and transparency. What significant changes have you seen over your time at KSS? I've witnessed a transformation at KSS, marked by renewed systems, techno- logical advancements, and substantial growth and expansion. What hobbies do you have outside of KSS? Fitness! I am a certified Personal Trainer and Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor. My mother has been my enduring inspiration, embodying resilience, strength, unconditional love, and the ultimate sacrifice for me. Additionally, my father has played a significant role in shaping who I am. He inspired me to be true to myself and imparted valuable life lessons, especially in his final days Name a person who has inspired you both professionally and personally?

I am a seeker of truth, guided by a profound faith that sustains me through life's challenges. When the world seems disordered, I reflect on my own journey, overcoming adversi- ties that some may never recover from. Gratitude fills me as I recognise the value of using both the positive and negative experiences as inspiration. A source of immense pride is my ability to preserve my inner child—nurturing curiosity, hope, and creativity. My love for humanity is boundless, and with each passing day, I unravel more layers of my purpose. What is next for me…? In Jelena's world, possibilities are limitless. I thrive on surprises, especially those that catch me off guard. Pursuing change or a new direction triggers a rebellious streak, fuelled by frustra- tion with monotony. Yet, within this frustration, a beautiful moment occurs. An idea sparks, a fire ignites, and a decision is made and I dive headfirst. My operating principle is passion and heart; if it doesn't feed these, it's not for me. Positivity and a can-do attitude are non-negotiable. So, what is next for Jelena? Well, who knows? Stay tuned, I can't wait to discover it myself! To sum up KSS in one word would be? Growth

What drives you to choose roads less travelled?

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W elcoming a new ship to the fleet, our centre at Yarrabilba is a four building beauty offering 6,300 square metres of storage space across 690 units including huge enterprise spaces and enough room for a fifth building for expansion, that in the meantime will be home to the local caravans and boats in the area. Yarrabilba is located 46kms from Brisbane city in the Logan Shire and has a fast-growing population, schools, shops and booming residen- tial opportunities for young families and people wanting to move out of the hussle of Brisbane city and daily commuting. Yarrabilba opened on the 1st November 2023. With our offering of 24 hour access, not offered by the other competitor located 18kms from our site, we bring flexibility to our customers never before delivered in the area.

Our centre at Yarrabilba is a four building beauty offering 6,300 square metres of storage space across 690 units including huge enterprise spaces and enough room for a fifth building for expansion unwavering passion to fill the centre and bring the 'Space For Change' to the local Yarrabilba community, showing through their 84% conver- sion rate and 27% Google Review conversion achievements so far. The challenges ahead will be to fill our new centre and make KSS Yarrabilba a 'Famous Household Name'.

Ray Adams Centre Manager Yarrabilba

The Team of Ray Adams and Jasmine Desai (pictured top right) have an

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KSS STORY/JOURNEY RECENTLY FEATURED IN THE AFR The KSS growth study was featured in a Podcast and page 6 of the Australian Financial Review on December 18, 2023. Exploring early work years, succession, leadership and culture, as well as major acquisitions.

To listen to the Podcast 'How I made It' go here: https://rb.gy/h4kk9n

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energy, commitment to a roadmap, a build that works in AU and NZ, including our wish list. A long program to deliver and business wide transformation looms. Overcoming legacy systems, market nuances and interpretation, and ensuring seamless integration are all crucial components in rebuilding the ecosystem while getting the success criteria right. By the time it’s all said and done, we are looking at an early 2025 go live. Beyond a technology shift, Hummingbird presents a comprehensive transforma- tion that necessitates careful navigation through change and challenges. Essentially a heart transplant, cultural success criteria will play a vital role, recognising the profound influence on operations, customer experience and our regular working day. Conscious that changes of this scale can be daunting, comprehensive training programs are critical. As the program matures, engaging teams with regular communication, workshops, and feedback sessions will be key in keeping everyone aligned and success criteria measured. It’s still early days. Right now we are working with Tenant to fine tune require- ments and understand operating differ- ences before these go into develop- ment. In parallel we are exploring simultaneous and parallel changes to business processes, a new web platform, integrations with payment flows, localisation for AU and NZ and getting a minimum viable demo up and running as a baseline to iterate on for the duration of the program. Jeff Xanthos Chief Information Officer Navigating change and challenges in a considered way Where we are now?

Back in 2009 we came very close to bringing Centre Shift (self storage software) to Australia. Centre Shift was born out of Extra Space and ahead of its time. The opportunity fell through at the 11th hour with the board citing Australia as a distraction to their core market, the US.

F or two decades there have only ever been two AU/NZ options (Sitelink and Storman). Things go stale and complacency creeps in when there is little competition. Our appetite to be better is evergreen. We developed an operating and customer ecosystem around Storman, being the first to market on many initiatives, all the while playing the long game until a viable and compelling opportunity presented itself. In early 2022 it did. That introduction came from the Centre Shift CEO of 2009, he said “hey you should have a look at Hummingbird (Tenant Inc), they are young, but different in a way you would appreciate”. Relationships, in our industry, are good like that. We resonated with their consumer tech first approach, passion for product and desire to disrupt. We do like a wildcard. What followed was an intense year of discovery, negotiation, and partner- ship viability. We both needed to be commercially spirited and aligned. We needed each other and recognised this was going to be a big leap

for both businesses, and mutually beneficial.

It's not about a one-time event, it's

about a commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing product innovation

Paving the way for long term competitive advantage and scale

It's not about a one-time event, it's about a commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing product innovation, ensuring that our competi- tive advantage is not just maintained but perpetually leveraged. Technology modernisation aside, Hummingbird presents a strategic leap into a future where innovation, customer-centricity, and operational efficiencies converge for sustained scale and success.

The road ahead

The road ahead is not without challenges. Getting it done is a different animal altogether, it requires a lot of

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Con't page 11

Con't page 11

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B ox Hill (pictured above left) is a relatively new suburb in the burgeoning northwest of Sydney, NSW. Rezoned in 2013, the area is part of the Hills District, and is soon to be home to many recreational areas, a town centre retail precinct, a sporting complex and numerous industrial areas. By the time development reaches full completion, the Box Hill suburb is expected to house over 42,000 residents in over 13,000 dwellings. The brand new Box Hill centre opened in September 2023 with an initial 839 units across 11,274 square metres of rentable storage space. The property consists of six buildings; a multi-level building of smaller units and five single-level buildings. A future stage two will eventually add an additional 160 lift access units above the current building D. Box Hill boasts one of the longest multi-storey buildings in the Kennards network, with building A stretching out over 167 metres long. This mammoth structure houses 757 units across

three levels. The site is also home to a large number of driveway and enterprise spaces, with an additional 82 spaces ranging from 18 square metres up to 108 square metres each. The Box Hill and Moorebank centres are also a beneficiary of the new office spec, with stylish wooden finishes and laser-light Size-It room, proudly displaying the future of storage to our customers. KSS Moorebank (pictured above right) opened for business in July 2023. Moorebank fills a gap in Sydney between our centres at Bankstown and Hoxton Park. The centre enjoys street frontage on Newbridge Road and Kelso Crescent. The site is a purpose built 24-hour access centre. ‘ ‘

Moorebank has seven floors and 1,068 spaces which add up to 9,022 square metres of rentable space. The centre offers spaces from 1 to 72 square metres. Each storage unit is easy to access as there are two lifts on site. The team did a great job managing reservations quickly turning them into move ins. Currently the centre has 166 rented spaces or 21.4% Occupancy. As with all our builds the 9Up has been the most popular size with 60 spaces rented followed by 18Up with 26 rented. The team have also rented 14 out of the 21 available driveway access spaces.

Antone Boustani and Jared Mobbs NSW Operations Managers

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The Sydney Team Huddle went off with a bang at the Chullora centre in October last year. Attended by 35 guests, comprising of both Team Members and invited centre customers, the evening was full of camaraderie and laughs. Darryl Hodgson also came prepared with a group challenge to design a special cardboard abode for the Sleep Under The Stars event. Thanks to Ian Horne and Tissa Aydoner at Chullora for the perfect setting and awesome catering. L to R: Portia Badri, Daniel Chick, Scott Findlay, Brianna Burns, Daniel Katsidis and Fiona Harding

L to R: Antone Boustani - KSS NSW Ops Mgr, Helen Ng, Tony Vuong - KSS Head of Operations, Josephine Chang, Ken Tan and Wei Tao Sim

K SS had the pleasure of a visit by Lock+Store, a storage company that operates in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Helen Ng, Ken Tan, Josephine Chang and Wei Tao Sim came to Australia to attend the SSAA Conference in Melbourne last year. They then travelled to Sydney to visit THQ for a meet and greet. Lock+Store have 20 locations across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, offering self storage, wine storage and warehouses for rent, with a total of 10,500 units equalling 44,000 square metres of rentable space, all equipped with a box shop and 24/7 keycard access. Each storage centre is fitted with 24/7 CCTV monitoring. They have a total of 39 Team Members. It was a great opportunity to see how a storage company from another country does things and to share ideas. Helen, Ken, Josephine, and Wei spent some time at THQ meeting the team and then set out for a tour of some KSS centres.

Tony and I took Helen and the team to Penrith, Ultimo, Moorebank, Petersham, Waterloo and Artarmon (Pac Hwy). They were able to take in the view from the Petersham roof and take a ride in the lift at Artarmon. They all commented that their highlight was meeting our Team Members. They were impressed with the passion and expertise that was on show. The nice thing was each Team Member took it upon themselves to give a tour of their centre. The pride shown by the team was admirable. They were especially impressed with the history lesson provided by Yangjee Sherpa from Artarmon regarding the special lift they have on site, and Dennis from Petersham has a job if he ever decides to live in Singapore! They had lots of questions regarding the training of our teams and mainte- nance of our buildings and also how we capture our Google Reviews.

Jelena Stricevic NSW Operations Manager

Top L to R: Adam Snowdon, Chris Jeffrey, Ben Morton, John Hay, Jared Mobbs, Bradley Andrew. Bottom L to R: Ilesh Gohil, Manita Lamichhane, Pratika Dewan and Steve Narayan

Antone Boustani NSW Operations Manager

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As the sun set over the iconic Sydney skyline, Cockatoo Island came alive with the warm glow of compassion and community spirit along with a sea of Kennards Boxes at the 2023 Stepping Stone House Sleep Under the Stars event.

Vinod Reddy from Rotary Club of Rockdale at Martin Place in Sydney

L tp R: Deepa Chirayath - Digital Marketing Coordinator, Fiona Harding - Head of Business Development & Partnerships and Darryl Hodgson - NSW Operations Manager

"Good Afternoon Sharon,

Just thought of sharing this from last night's food service in Martin Place. Those Heavy Duty Kennards boxes are awesome for delivering hot meals. You folks benevolence is priceless - we are ever so indebted. Also despite yesterday's inclement weather, we made our early morning track to Southern Highlands to deliver a ute-full of much needed kitchen - ware comprising of Crockery/Cutlery/ Toiletries/Blankets and other onboard Q-items to POP IN a Women's day drop-in home in Bowral. All it took was an email to you Sharon and 20 heavy duty boxes were donated to pack the kitchenware. We will shortly commence planning and packing another load of stock for delivery hopefully before Christmas to also now include children's toys and games.

T he annual gathering brought together individuals from all walks of life, businesses and families for a night of camaraderie, purpose, and fundraising. The event served as a powerful reminder that, for many young people, a stable home is not a given, and the challenges they face can be daunting. The theme this year focused on ‘Trust’. We heard some life-changing stories from their young people about what trust meant for them and how understanding ‘trust’ has changed their lives. Trust is a fundamental aspect of human relation- ships and interactions, playing a crucial role in personal, professional, and societal dynamics, but for so many who spoke that night, it was a vital ingredient missing until finding Stepping Stone House.

solidarity within the community.

For those of you that donated, you have helped to support 46 young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Australia for a year! Something you should be very proud of. The Kennards FREEDOM Fighters pulled together $49,294 in just three short weeks. Which made us the second highest fundraising team. DHL took home first place with $109,857 made up a team of 40+. I think our small team of three did a bloody great job! in 2024 we look forward to sharing more with the centres, I know over the years the momentum has grown to take part. Let's make 2024 the biggest team we’ve seen.

We are truly humbled and indebted for Kennards ongoing support

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Fiona Harding Head of Business Development & Partnerships


The goal was not only to raise funds but also to foster a sense of empathy and

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EQ AND THE FIVE PRIMARY EMOTIONS In the intricate fabric of human experience, emotions weave a dynamic and ever-changing pattern. At the core of this tapestry are the Five Primary Emotions—joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. Understanding and harnessing these emotions is not only crucial for personal well-being but also plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthy and productive work environment. This is where emotional intelligence emerges as a key skill.

workplace. By cultivating a culture that rejects unethical practices and fosters integrity, we can build trust with peers, customers and stakeholders. The Importance of Emotional Intelli- gence at Work Against the backdrop of these primary emotions, emotional intelligence emerges as a linchpin for success at KSS. It involves recognising, understanding, and effectively managing one's own emotions and those of others. Leaders with high emotional intelligence can navigate the complexi- ties of the workplace, building strong relationships, inspiring teams, and fostering a constructive culture. In the realm of teamwork, emotional intelligence fosters collaboration and synergy. Teams comprising emotion- ally intelligent individuals can navigate conflicts into opportunities for growth. The ability to understand and respond to the emotions of others cultivates a supportive and inclusive workplace, where teams feel comfortable expressing themselves and contributing their best work. In conclusion, the five primary emotions provide a lens through which we can understand the human experience in the workplace. Emotional intelligence, with its emphasis on self-awareness, empathy, and effective communica- tion, serves as the guiding force that harmonises these emotions for the collective benefit of individuals and Kennards. As we continue to navigate an ever-evolving landscape, cultivating emotional intelligence emerges as an indispensable skill. Wayne Brown Learning & Development Manager challenges with grace, leveraging different perspectives and turning

of their team members can create a more stable and resilient workforce. Transparent communication, empathy, and a proactive approach to managing change are essential components of effective leadership in the face of fear. By fostering a culture that acknowl- edges and mitigates fears, organisations can promote adaptability and forward momentum. 4. Anger Anger, a powerful and often misunder- stood emotion, has the potential to drive positive change when channelled constructively. Leaders who recognise and validate feelings of anger can harness this energy to address underlying issues and foster innova- tion. A workplace that encourages open communication and provides channels for expressing concerns can transform anger into a catalyst for positive transfor- mation. When properly managed, anger can lead to the identification and resolu- tion of systemic issues, contributing to a healthier organisational culture. 5. Disgust Disgust, the visceral reaction to the unpleasant or offensive, plays a crucial role in workplace dynamics. It prompts individuals to discern what aligns with their values and what does not. Leaders who address sources of disgust within the organisational context can create a more ethical and values-driven

I. Joy Joy, the radiant glow of positive

well-being, brings a sense of fulfilment and contentment. In the workplace, fostering joy is more than just creating a pleasant atmosphere—it directly influences team member engagement, motivation, and overall job satisfaction. Leaders who recognise and celebrate achievements, no matter how small, contribute to a positive work culture. Teams that share in the joy of success are likely to be more cohesive and collaborative, driving productivity and innovation. 2. Sadness Sadness, often seen as a negative emotion, holds profound significance in the workplace. Acknowledging and addressing feelings of sadness can lead to increased empathy and support among team members. It is through shared vulnerability that teams can bond and demonstrate authentic care for one another. A leader attuned to the emotional well-being of their team can provide the necessary support during challenging times, ultimately building resilience and trust. 3. Fear Fear, a primal emotion designed for survival, manifests in the workplace in response to uncertainty, change, or perceived threats. Leaders who understand and address the fears

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Size-It Room

B eing proud of KSS's distinctive KSS orange and blue hues, the Property Development Team is consistently exploring diverse design concepts to elevate the appeal of KSS centres. Over the past few months, several new centres have unveiled a fresh showroom design. A new design now applies to the KSS ‘Size-It room’. The KSS Size-It room now incorporates vibrant LED to showcase the storage sizes. This new design enhances the aesthetic attraction of the showroom with a sense of modernity. Size-It Room

panels in the showroom to find the hidden company store door. We call it a ‘Secret Door’ as it creates a fun secret element to our showroom.

Ceiling Battens

Look up to the ceiling and you will find another evolving design feature. Timber-look battens are used to adorn part of the showroom ceiling, introducing textures and patterns that contribute to the overall visual richness of the space. Keeping up with the forefront of architectural trends, more building elements are being reviewed and under discussion by the Property Development Team for further design improvements and innovation.

Ceiling Battens

Secret Door

Feature Wall Panels

What will be the next exciting enhancement for our KSS buildings?

Step into our new showrooms to discover the natural Birch plywood wall panels. These panels contribute to a clean, warm, and pleasing interior appearance.

Stay tuned!

Michael Macheledt, Craig Henery & Felicia Yu Property Development Team

Secret Door

Look closely among the feature wall

Feature Wall Panels

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K ennards Self Storage Burleigh is located approximately 4kms west of the iconic Burleigh Beach on The Gold Coast. Originally a Millers facility, we have 795 internal units over three floors and 6,900 square metres of rentable space. The centre is managed by Geoff Thomas and assisted by Desiree Javier-Adams (pictured top right). Lorraine Sutton has recently moved up from the Mona Vale centre in Sydney and is now with us two days a week. Our ground floor is predominately occupied by business clients and with seventeen National Accounts at last count, there is a constant flow of deliveries and a great deal of ‘traffic’ visiting the centre on a daily basis. The advantage of having so many business customers is that they generally occupy large units, are here for the long term and are quite proficient when it comes to paying on time. Until the fairly recent addition of the Southport centre to the Gold Coast portfolio, we were the only Kennards facility on the coast. And that equated to one thing… Lots of buybacks!

impact on the business one way or another. We’ve seen quite a number of customers either downsizing units lately or storing at home. On the other hand, a number of customers are taking any rental they can find and many are furnished apartments, so they need to store their own furniture for an indefinite period. Our occupancy is currently hovering around 90% and like every centre, we’re always looking at ways to improve. We’d like to think our customer service and transparent fee structure sets us apart from the growing number of competitors entering the local market. Now if only we had room for vehicle storage… With the Gold Coast Council cracking down on the on-street parking of boats and caravans, we’re constantly taking phone calls for people looking to store vehicles, vans, camper trailers, jet skis and the like.

Roxburgh Park VIC

Since our last Kourier edition Petbarn Roxburgh Park have completed their fit out and opened their doors. Their bright yellow shop front alongside our blue and orange, the red of Nutrition Warehouse, and more yellow with Chemist Warehouse makes the building difficult to miss as you head up Pascoe Vale Road. Planning and lease negotiations continue for the fast food sites and large format retail at Roxy, Cranbourne and Craigieburn. Fingers crossed, as we work through finalising agreements, early in 2024 we will have four more signed and sealed. Looking forward to the next few years as we see these buildings and tenants change from pictures and names on paper to buildings.

As for surfboard storage, that isn’t an issue for us here on The Goldie!

Desiree Javier-Adams and Geoff Thomas KSS Burleigh Junction

The current rental crisis and general cost of living pressure is having an

Darren McKeon Commercial Leasing Manager

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Neville Kennard (1937 - 2012) Founder of Kennards Self Storage, enjoyed and was very passionate about expressing his ideas. These little gems have been appreciated by many in KSS. We will continue to publish his ideas that we have in stock. Enjoy!


Could the same phenomenon explain the strange attachment people have for their politicians? “Stockholm Syndrome” refers to an event in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973, when some bank robbers took captive a group of hostages and held them for six days while the robbers negotiated with the police. What happened was that the hostages developed an attachment to their captors, despite the fact they were held prisoner by them and their captors were criminals. The name Stockholm Syndrome was given to this paradoxical psychological phenomenon by criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot who investi- gated the crime. prisons we hear about on the other side of the world.

protect those “guards and keepers” who hold them hostage with promises and threats? If one has been born in a kind of prison, and then been told that it is one of the best prisons around, that it is a bit better than this other prison across the water, much better than some prisons, especially those Communist prisons we hear of. And there are even people lining up to get into our prison and out of a much worse prison. Our prison has a nice flag, a national song and a pretty good football team. In our prison we get to elect our own guards, which we pay for, of course, but they do let us keep a fair bit of our own money. In our prison we can say what we like about our guards, and the inmates can’t do that in some of the other

Our prison has a proud history of reforms and we are better off than we were a few years ago. Yeah, sure, some of our guards are useless and worse. Some are a bit corrupt, and we resent the big bills they run up on overseas trips where they go to look at other prisons. But let’s face it, they are our guards, we chose them and elected them, and we pay them, so technically they work for us. And we are free to leave this prison anytime we like and go and find another prison. But the weather is nice in this prison, our families are here, we grew up here, we went to school here. September 2nd, 2010

Politicians are often held in rather low regard by the citizens of a country. They rank down there with car salesmen when surveyed on trust and respect. And yet there is also a strange attach- ment the electorate holds for these politicians, these guards and jailors who take the citizens’ money (in the form of taxes), spend it foolishly and wastefully, impose liberty-restricting regulations on their “captors” and they behave like lords and masters of the people who elect and pay for them.

What is this about?

Why do the citizens identify with and

L to R: Sam, Jim, Walter and Nev Kennard on their ride from Blackheath to Jenolan Caves including part of the Six Foot Track.

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Congratulations to Julia Yan (THQ) on her marriage to partner Eric Cheng, on the 12th November 2023 at Blues Point Reserve in Sydney.

Above: Congratulations Ali Nazakit (KSS Chatswood) and wife Ammara on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Samin Ali, on the 6th November 2023. Left: Sharon Munro (THQ) out and about sporting the KSS look in beautiful Noumea at the end of October last year.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

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